Arturo Valdivieso was born in Quito, Ecuador on December 17th, 1986. Since he was a little boy, he began to worry about the esthetic, harmony and beauty of the things he created. By the time he was 13, he had already decided to study some kind of design. He graduated from high school at the age 16.

Arturo spent the next three years at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, where he studied 3D Animation and Web Design. There, he built strong basis of color theory and design. After leaving USFQ, Arturo went to Campus CTD, where he is still studying both careers.

In the future, he wants to establish the first animation studios that produce internacional quality films of his country.

Design Republik

Design Republik Logo

The Art Of Design

Design is a creative way for solving any problem combining esthetic and functionality.

A Whole New Concept

At the beginning of year 2008, a big idea was born into Arturo's mind and soon it was established Design Republik by Arthur, as a wish of helping people to solve their problems with beautiful and functional products; in other words, combining art and design.

Feel free to explore the gallery and discover the concept that Design Republik has created for you.